Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"A heart made of..."

A heart that's made of iron and stone
A heart that's drifted all alone
The stone and the iron melt away
Renewing pleasance kept at bay

Revealed is a heart made of water
A certainty that when it runs hotter
'Twill fill all the chamber, expand without end
It cannot be broken or shattered, again
A heart that transcends the span of the years
Make something that lasts from the care and the tears
For the love that has lasted so long
Will end and begin with a song
The heart that's been broken for all of this time
Can flourish, again, and bring wonder sublime
It may cool in the absence of heat from another
But, never to freeze or to willingly smother
As soft as the flow of a river
Running on to the end to deliver
A freshness to oceans of feelings
Horizon of vaulted blue ceilings
Fades into this ocean
On waves of emotion
Ebb and flow with tides of the heart


© 2016 whickwithy


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