Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Boundless joy"

Untrammeled in the heart and soul
Unleashed, the joy begins a stroll

It seeps in through the crevices unnoticed by them all
And bursts in sweetest blossoms that will crumble hurt and wall
The joy cannot be stopped to brood nor twisted far aside
With only boundless full intent, no sloth will it abide
Like floods upon the levee that protect the land of dread
Once joy arrives upon the scene, the panic will be fled
Evacuation of the angst and shreds of deep despair
All that remains of fear is just an echo in midair
A toast is shared of winsomeness and breath of freshest air
Hat's off to rainbow's colours and the brightness it can bear
The colours are as lush as rainbow's colours at the dawn
The luster of the love and all delight so blithely drawn


© 2016 whickwithy



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